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About Roger – Your driving instructor from Zug

Whenever I ask me driving students why they decided to choose me as their driving instructor, I get answers like “I like the way you handle things – calm and straight forward” or “your communication is always clear, direct yet friendly”. My motto has always been don’t rush you only end exhausted! As a patient man it is simple to me to keep a good overview and a clear look at the ultimate goal even in tenuous times. I grew up in Zug where I enjoyed school, professional training and further studies. My working experience is versatile, different in its fields yet has always been fascinating and challenging. Today as a driving instructor I found the work that is satisfying and joyful. Thus I started my own driving school in 2017 and named it Fahrgut …meaning drive well just in that very street where I grew up. In private I live together with my German-shepherd with that I enjoy doing walks and little excursions. Cars and engines are my passion since my childhood. Experiences like several restorations of US-Classics fulfil my life. Moreover I find my balance while playing the piano or saxophone. Later I am prone to travel and explore the world, naturally by car or even better in a US-Classic car. All in due time – even here I show patience.

Driving school Fahrgut

Gubelstrasse 14
6300 Zug

079 456 96 42