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Fahrgut Ltd. favours Mini Cooper.

Story of Mini

Back in 1959 the first Mini left the car factory of British Motor Cooperation (BMC) in Cowley, Oxford – England. This car quickly made a good appearance due to its size and economy. Mini was the name until the year 2000.

In 1961 by a cooperation of the car constructor and car racer John Cooper the Mini Cooper was born. He wanted to drive a Mini as his race car and together with BMC they managed to make the car fly.

Soon Mini Cooper found a fan community. Famous racers like Jack Brabham, Stirling Moos, Bruce Mc Laren and Jochen Rindt came to victories with Mini Cooper. In the years1959/1960 Jack Brabham became world champion with his Mini Cooper.

Since 2001 the Mini family belongs to BMW and thus the cars were subject to a fundamental renewal. They became somewhat bigger and more modern. Today we know the version Mini one, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S – yet top of the line is the Mini Cooper S works. An E-version of a Mini is due to come.


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