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Are you ready to put your foot onto the accelerator and taking the steering wheel into your own hands?

Fahrgut Ltd. offers an individually fitting training to learn how to drive a car. May it be for beginners, owners of a driving licence who prefer to do a brush-up or people that are unfamiliar with the Swiss traffic rules and formalities never the less are in need of the Swiss driving licence.

For all these Fahrgut Ltd. offers support and accompanies customers competent and reliable to success.

prices for beginners


CHF 100.-/h
CHF 98.-/h total CHF 490.-
CHF 95.-/h total CHF 950.-
CHF 90.-/h total CHF 1‘800.-
CHF 80


CHF 150.- (held on weekends)
CHF 250.- (incl. books, 4x2h held on Monday to Thursday mornings or evenings only).
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Training courses:

CHF 118.-/h driving lesson (50 Min.)
CHF 88.-/h (incl. course material)

Driving school Fahrgut

Gubelstrasse 14
6300 Zug

079 456 96 42